Founded by Senesi Franco, the firm SENESI SERRAMENTI works in the sector of the fixtures since the distant 1963, the time and the passion in the years you/they have given enterprise to this average artisan the experience to be able to produce a product of quality today I mediate tall on all the types of fixtures in wood.
A taken care of product and finished up in the particular ones, always suited for the demands of the privacy to the search of that traditional touch that only the passion and the experience he/she succeeds in offering.
SENESI SERRAMENTI currently snc operates in an own center, with a select and qualified staff, exploiting the use of numerical control machineries of the last technological generation.
The various production from tied up solutions tightly to our earth, the Tuscan, with fixtures servants on aesthetical model of once, to



Via Dalmazia, n°161

Tel: 0571 409390
Fax: 0571 408270


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